Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Stuck :(

Well... Today it has been 7 week since my surgery. Last week when I updated I was down 32 pounds, and today, I am STILL down 32 pounds. Its extremely depressing... I know that I need a fill, but I have been trying to be very careful not to eat too much. Maybe its just a lil platuea, but I do not really like it! I went to my first support group thingy on monday night and that was good. I met a few girls that had the same surgery I had, and 2 out of 3 had been very succesful. One of the girls had lost 160 pounds in like a year and a half. THAT is what I want...One ladies story was discouraging though, and I wanted to tell her to stop talking lol. Her band has a leak in it, and in 2 years, she had only lost 78 pounds. The doc that spoke said repairing her band would be a more difficult surgery that the original placement of the band. Right at that moment I said a lil prayer that the Lord would keep his hand on my band LOL. And of course, with my recent lack of weight loss, my imagination went to the worst possible scenario and I starting freaking out. Anyways, next wednesday can't arrive soon enough. I was even thinking about going back on all protien shakes again to get some more weight off, but the shakes kill me... they arent as delicious as I had originally thought.
Well, thats the latest update for now... not super exciting I know... but Its just life! I will try to update again in the next week or so.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Update.... ( I gotta think of more exciting titles lol)

Well... Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since my surgery, and two weeks since my fill. Thing have been going good since the fill. I was able to eat finally, and that was a great day! I couldn't eat very much, and I was so scared about choking, or something, but nothing like that has come close to happening. I noticed right away that I felt like I was able to eat more than I should be. I also noticed that I was hungry a few hours after eating. From what the doctor told me, these are both signs that I might need an adjustment. Of course, I do not allow myself to eat more than I should. I am very careful about watching my portion sizes, because I am so scared that I will gain weight. I called the nurse about my concerns, and I have an appointment for an adjustment on the 17th. She told me that in the meantime, I should drink a shake between meals if I am super hungry. Once again, I'm scared that I'm going to gain, so I haven't been having the shakes between meals. I have dealt with the feeling of hunger for so many weeks that I can handle it LOL. Yesterday I had to have a post-op upper GI and that was interesting. Of course the stuff they make you drink is REALLY bad... but I was able to see the x-ray and actually see the band around my stomach. Its nice to know that after all this, the band really is in there! lol...As of a few days ago, I have lost 32 pounds... so that's a good thing!.......... I know that it would appear from my blog that I have nothing else going on in my life but just living the life of the lap-banded girl... and although getting used to this new life does consume me, there are other things going on. This week is my break from school, and next week I will start my LAST summer session. I will be graduating next spring, and that is super exciting! I saw pics from the graduation that was a few weeks ago, and seeing all my friends that I have been going to school with in their caps and gowns made me even more excited! Lets see what else is going on... of course my little love, Jack is still very much in my life. Next weekend he and I will be spending some quality time with him. I haven't been able to have him since my surgery, because he weighs just a touch over 15 lbs LOL... but I am looking forward to having him for the weekend. My BFF Kristy just found out that she is having a baby boy.... We were all very excited, and shocked, because we were all under the impression that the baby was "100% a girl" That is what her doc said, but the ultra sound a few weeks ago proved very clearly that this baby is going to be a boy. She is due at the very end of August, and it cant come soon enough! I cant wait to hold that little guy in my arms :) Anyways, that's about it for now.... I am going to post a pic soon... I promise! Take care everyone... and I appreciate every one's comments and encouragement... they are much needed and appreciated!!

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