Sunday, February 22, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009


Well once again, its been too long since I have posted. Between work, school and just life in general its hard to find time to post. This weekend and the last few weeks in general have been super busy. Work is crazy. We all know that the econonmy is in bad shape, and we have felt if here at work quite a bit. There have been about 10 people laid off in the last 6 months. At this point, I am just thankful to have a job! I have had to take on the sales coordinator job at our Montebello branch, so I have to travel there once a week. Its crazy!

Last weekend was our SCC conference at the church, and it turned out really great! Even though the weather was horrible, there was a good crowd, and the preaching and music was great! Its so funny to me though because I was telling Kristy that its so different going to these conferences as an adult than it was when I was a teenager. Back in the day, I would have stressed all week about what I was going to wear... I would have had rollers in my hair by 2pm to make sure the curl stayed... and It would have just been a major event in my life. It is not like that anymore lol! I didnt even curl my hair on friday night lol and I wore a repeat outfit from last year ( GASP!!) Its always a great conference though, and Im glad I was there!

On saturday I got to see my favorite little boy in the whole wide world, Jack! John had him this weekend and he called me to come up and see him. Please keep him in your prayers. I cant elaborate but we need God to have his will in Jack's life and Jack needs to be in a safe place. So please keep my little guy in your prayers this coming week. I plan to have him next weekend so i cant wait for that! I have attached a lil pic of him... he was so sick and his little eyes look like he has had a rough night but he is still as cute as ever!!

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