Saturday, November 7, 2009

A nice round number...

Well... I thought I should update my blog...I dont have major exciting news to bring to you... but Ill just give you a lil update about what has been going on in my world. We went to texas a few weeks ago to visit Amber and Sharon and the rest of the family... By "We" I mean me, My mom and Jack... It was a great trip. Jack did great traveling and the weather was just perfect! The hill country of Texas is a very beautiful place... and I thoroughly enjoyed my mini vacation :) Other than that, it has just been business as usual. As of this morning I am down 75 poundaroos! Yippee! I typically lost about ten a month, so I should be at 80 before the month is over :) The lap- band is such an amazing tool! I have been a touch on the discouraged side about the band lately, and I suppose its all normal. Im just tired of trying to figure out what I can and cannot eat. So I find myself eating the same things every day... I vary between shakes, yogurts, beans, and egg beaters... After 6 months... that gets a lil old... so I am trying to broaden my horizons... and I have found a lap bad chat room that has just been a complete life saver for me! Anyway... I think thats it for now... Im going to post some pics from texas, as well as pics from my BFF's birthday dinner last night. Ill keep you all in the loop as i dwindle away :)

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