Friday, March 20, 2009

Well its easter right??

Gotta have some little chicks scattered around with it being Spring time :) Remind me to change this layout before 4th of July is upon us... Have a great weekend everyone! I will be spending my weekend with baby Alli, So I will post pics of that soon... I think... :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

If you love something, set it free...

Well... This weekend has been very long and emotional. Thursday night I decided that it was in mine and Sugar's best interest to find her another home. I posted an ad on Craig's list and the calls started coming in. Most of the people that called were clearly nut jobs, but this one lady called Friday night and she just seemed to be exactly what I was looking for! She came Saturday to see Sugar and of course she fell in love with her. She was a touch odd... but like my mom said... you don't have to be "normal" to take care of sugar... it was obvious that she would love her... so I let her go. Now granted, I was totally pmsing, but I literally cried the rest of the day... not just a few tears... I wept... and I was so sad all night. I couldn't fall asleep either. The next morning I thought, I really want to call her and ask her to bring Sugar home. But I resisted. At 8:00 the lady called me and asked me if she could bring Sugar back! Apparently her cat didn't like Sugar, and they had gotten into a fight. She assured me that Sugar was fine, but she just didn't think it was going to work. She brought her home when I was at church and my dad came over to let her in my house. My dad said that she brought Sugar back in a suitcase... ZIPPED up... What??? When i got home from church I was so happy to see her... but she was soooo dirty... and she had a few cuts on her. I was VERY mad... but what can I do?And where was she all night long?? All i know is that I shouldn't have given her away... I made a bad choice, but she came back.... So I am happy :) She was an angel all day yesterday, and slept all night last night... Thank you Lord! So... since she came back to me... she must be meant to be... according to the saying that is.. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm changing Sugar's name to Beelzebub

Hey Everyone... I haven't posted a blog in quite some time so I thought it was time! This has been a busy month as usual with all the things I have going on. I have one more week until this session is done at school, and I am looking forward to having one week off before hitting it again! My weekends have been consumed with school work and my little boyfriend... and of course the kitten from H- E double hockey sticks. I am not home much, and when I get home she is very happy to see me. She continues to rejoice late into the night. One night this week I woke up at about 2 AM and she was making so much noise, but I couldn't find her. I have attached a pic of where I found her. She is too much! I have had to leave and go to my parents several nights because I cant sleep when she is terrorizing the house. And since I have ONE room, I have nowhere to lock her up! I locked her in the bathroom one night and she thought it would be a good idea to try to dig out... so she ripped up some of my linoleum... that was a pleasant surprise too. Anyways... pray for me... I cant wait until Sugar is out of her adolescence. If she doesn't shape up, she is gonna get shipped out!

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