Monday, September 27, 2010


Well every time I make a new post, I typically start out with apologizing as to why its taken me so long to post. So I might as well not break the tradition. I'm a flake, a face book junkie, and I neglect my blog... so please forgive me. There are some events that are just not "blog worthy" but I have had a few things occur in the last month that are DEFINITELY blog worthy. Since this blog is dedicated to my weight loss journey I will write about the journey first. The last time I posted I was just hitting the one year mark/100 pounds lost mark. I had a little set back right after hitting -100 pounds. I got an adjustment in early April, and to my own detriment I pushed the limit a bit too much. My band was too tight, and I was a miserable little girl for about 5 days. I was barely able to get liquids down, let alone solids, and it was just terrible. I got an un-fill mid April, and after that I really struggled. Although they didn't take much out of the band, I felt as if I had no restriction whatsoever. I gained a few pounds and I really got off track, because I was able to eat foods that I had not previously been able to eat. I went back to the doctor after I graduated and left on my cruise to try to get a fill so that I would not be able to go hog wild on the cruise. Well my doctor said, no fill for you! I was devastated. He wanted me to go on a liquid diet for 10 days to re-train my pouch. I did this ( inconsistently) for about 10 days LOL. I did not lose one single pound and I wanted to curse. I had SURGERY to lose weight, and I wasn't losing. In fact, I was gaining and I wasn't happy. I left for my cruise and had an INCREDIBLE time with some very dear friends of mine. Let me tell you, I enjoyed some food! I had some restriction so I couldn't go completely nuts, but I was able to eat bread again, so I did enjoy many bread items on the ship :) About 4 weeks after getting home I went back to my doctor to find that I had gained almost 10 pounds since April. I decided that I was NOT leaving his office without a fill in my band. He gave me one, and the weight loss started again. I am thrilled. My band is extremely tight at this point. I have trouble in the mornings with everything, including my coffee. By noon I am doing a little better, and I can usually get some type of soup/chili/bean item down. By dinner I can do some ground meats with sauce, and I am feeling pretty good. of course I keep up on my protein intake by drinking a pre-made shake in the morning, and if I had trouble eating during the day, I will make a shake at home at night. A major goal of mine was to be in the 100's . I just couldn't seem to get there, but I am happy to report that as of September 24th, 2010, Jennifer Boggs no longer weighs 200 and something. I weigh 199.0 :) I have lost 109 pounds since my lap band surgery in April of 2009, and I am Madly in love with my lap band :) So there is one more goal to check off my lap band list :) The next goal is to weigh what my driver's license says that I weigh :) 180 baby! I have found that when I set smaller goals for myself its easier to see myself being able to attain those goals. This journey has not been easy at all. I can honestly say that this is the hardest thing that I have ever done. The emotional stuff that I have had to deal with is the one thing that I don't think I was prepared for. Its so not about just getting your body smaller. Being big for so long had my mind set in a certain place, and just because my body is smaller, I still have to work on my mind. That is a work in progress just like my body.

On a side note, my dad had gastric bypass in June of this year. He has currently lost 73 pounds, and is giving me a run for my money!!! I know he feels much better to have the weight off, and even if it kills us, the Boggs family is shrinking! BUT, even though we are shrinking, we are also growing :) My brother Jonathan and his wife Laura just adopted a very handsome little boy. His name is Jacob, and he is 7 weeks old. He has stolen our hearts, and God knew what we needed, as well as what baby Jacob needed. We are so thankful for him, and I personally am doing my best to spoil him completely rotten :)

So that's what's going on right now in the life and times of the shrinking fat girl. I'm working on getting my body where I want it, and my mind, which is really the hard part. I cant promise that I will post again soon, but I WILL post again ;)! Happy weight loss!

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