Monday, September 21, 2009

5 months post surgery update

Well... tomorrow it will be 5 months since I have had this little band wrapped around my tummy.... and you know what... its been quite the experience LOL. I have had some really rough days, and some really great days.... and overall I am so happy with the results... As of last thursday I am down 64 pounds, and I would like to be at the 70 place by my 6 month bandiversary :) Thats the goal for now....

This weekend we went to the LA County fair, and we had a blast.... I had a hard time with the food factor because it was hard to find something I can actually eat....There are certain times of the month where my band is tighter than others... when my body is retaining more water... and this last week has been that time for me... and I have had several puking episodes becuase I am just extra tight... But I HAD to try some traditional fried fair food LOL... we tried a deep fried snickers, and it was pretty delish... I only had two tiny bites though, so I dont really feel guilty about it :)

I have attached some pics for your viewing pleasure as well... Im keeping it brief tonight because im a sleepy girl :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

60 Pounds Lost Pics

These pics are from my 60 pound landmark... I had to buy some new clothes and Marie is good about keeping updated pics of me as I shrink :) Enjoy!

29 forever!!

Well... Today is my birthday :) I am so thankful that Im not working today... People should not have to work on their birthday... and I think that should be a law... but thats a topic I will save for another time! I am sittin in my bed with a hot cup of coffee reflecting and so I thought I better post a blog.... I have had a great 4 day weekend... alot of my family came over last night and we had a bbq and celebrated my birthday which was very nice... I have a incredible family... and being with them always makes me happy! Of course I also got to spend my weekend with my favorite 1 year old, and thats always great....Today on Face Book someone posted this..."Have a great one. I'm probably twice as old as you, so I have a little mileage under my belt. Here's my bit of advice to you. Live life to the fullest, you can't do anything about the past or future so enjoy each minute of every day, don't waste time on what was or might be!!!" That one really stuck with me! That is going to be my goal for the year. I have wasted alot of time in my life by fretting about the future, and regretting the past... but those days are long gone... I do think that 31 is going to be a good year for me... I will be graduating when Im 31... and I will also be very skinny by the time 32 comes around LOL... I think at times we all can get caught up in wondering what life is dealing us, but I am really going to do my best to not worry about it this year... God knows what he is doing... and his ways are not our own... I tell people that all the time, but its time that I start telling myself that too! Anyways,..... thats it for now LOL... I dont have any big plans today... I was going to spend the day at the LA County fair today, but I found out that they are closed today... what in the world?? I am so bummed out! So I think my mom and i are going to spend the day together shopping... Of course I will be going to see my new little guy, Nolan... and my day might hold some time in the sun :) For all of my blog followers, I will be posting a separate blog with some updated weight loss pics today... and in this blog I am including some pics from my birthday party last night... I will update again around the 22nd, at the 6 month baniversary :)

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