Wednesday, October 21, 2009

6 month Bandiversary!!

Well friends, tomorrow will be my 6 months anniversary of going under the knife to change my life. When I reflect back, I realize how quickly I made the decision to have lap-band. I went to the seminar and I was sold. I was sold because I have wanted to do something about my weight for sooooo many years, but I felt defeated. I felt like I would NEVER get it all off, and I would always be overweight. I was happy that I made the decision to have surgery the day of my surgery, and I am even happier about it today! Of course there are some rough days. Last friday qualified as the worst lap band day since I was banded. Yikes! All i can say is that I dont think that I will ever place a tortilla in my mouth again... it was not fun, or cute... wowzers... Anyway, I had a appt with my favorite doc, Dr. Douglas Krahn today... and he didnt let me get a fill. In my heart I knew that I didnt need one, but I have been stuck for about 2 weeks and have not really seen a big weight loss in the last few weeks. I have lost a whopping 70 pounds since my surgery, and I had lost 20 since my last fill 2 months ago, so he was like, No fill for you! lol... He said I was doing incredible, and unless my weight loss slows down, he thinks I just need to keep plugging along... so... that is what I will do :) I finally got the pics of the day that I started the pre-op diet, so I will be posting those for your viewing pleasure... as well as a few pics my mom took of me today to mark my 6 month/70 pound mark. Things are totally on track, as far as my weight loss is concerned LOL.. Ill keep you posted as I near the 100 pound mark... yaaa... cant imagine how happy I will be when I hit 100!!!

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