Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Update for July

Once again, Im a terrible blogger, and I apologize. I have said this before too, but face book is my latest obsession, so If you want to know what's goin on with me on a more regular basis, find me on the book of faces :) Ok, so today is July 29th, and it has been a lil over three months since my surgery. I have lost a total of 50 pounds! I am really excited about it! I am scheduled for another fill on the 6th of August, and that should help me even more. I still feel like I am able to eat a little bit more than I should be able to. I know that along with the fill will come some uncomfortable times when I eat too quickly, or dont chew enough... but thats the price I have to pay I guess... Im gonna keep my update short and sweet this time because I dont really have any other reports I need to make... Im going to attach a few pics of me and Jack from the weekend. I know I have a loooong ways to go... but this last weekend I felt skinny, and that was a very good feeling for me.... Love you all!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

dumb Michael Jackson!

Ok, so I dont even consider myself a fan of MJ... However, I know there is this big memorial for him in LA today. Unfortunately I am at work today, and I cant see a single thing! Curiosity is really killing me right now, and I'm dying to see some pics, or maybe some live video feed?? Come on Inland... this is the King of Pop lol... give us some slack... Oh well... :( haha

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Quick Update...

I don't have alot of time this morning for a long post but I wanted to update my blog so that those that follow my blog will know how the life and times of the banded girl are going! lol. Anyways, I haven't weighed in about a week, because my obsession with weighing daily was about to kill me. I weighed last Friday I think, and the grand total is 40 pounds! I will take it!!! There are some days that I regret not having gastric bypass because I would be seeing quicker results, but I do feel like this was a better option for me because in theory, if it comes off slower, I feel like it will stay off. Either way, 40 pounds is 40 pounds, and I'm NOT complaining!! I would say in the next 10 to 20 pounds I am going to have to start buying some new clothes. I had alot of clothes from when I was my thinnest right before Kristy's wedding. Those clothes are now all fitting me again, and some are a lil big... so these are GOOD problems :) On another note, I am looking forward to this weekend... I am off on Monday, thank the Lord, and I am planning on spending alot of time in the sun! I am also planning on spending Saturday with Jack and Allison and my whole family swimming, enjoying yummy food, and then going to the high school to watch the fireworks... I sure do love my family, and its always good to spend time with those you love the most! I hope everyone has a good Independence day, and I will try to post a lil update after I weigh again....

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