Saturday, April 24, 2010

365 days, and 97 pounds later....

Happy Saturday morning friends :) I know that I did my "one year post-op" blog a few weeks ago when I had my doctors appt, but I wanted to do one closer to my actual one year mark. Also, I'm feeling a bit sentimental this morning, so these are good times for me to post because the words pour out more freely during these times. Last Thursday, April 22Nd marked one year since I had the Lap-Band surgery. I made a very hasty decision to get the band when I look back on it. I did not do alot of research. I wanted to, but I didn't even know where to start! My mom started researching and she kept telling me, I keep coming across Dr. Douglas Krahn, and he is very reputable in this area. I went to my GP, and the referral they gave me was to Dr. Krahn, so that was exciting because we had been reading such great things about him. I went to his seminar in February of last year, and I left feeling such an excitement about the possibility of being able to get this surgery and have it help me get the weight off. I met with Dr. Krahn and his staff and I was immediately convinced that he was the right one for me. I felt completely comfortable with him, and safe under his care.If you are considering WLS, or someone you know is, I encourage you to visit his site. Everything pre-op flowed freely and before I knew it, it was the night before surgery. I had lost 13 pounds in the 2 week pre-op diet, and I wasn't even hungry by this point because I was just too anxious and excited!!! I was up before my alarm the next morning. I took a shower and scrubbed my tummy with the antibacterial solution they gave me. I even curled my hair! Do NOT ask me why LOL. I wanted to make sure I looked cute.... I even really thought about what I should wear to the hospital. Looking back, pajamas would have been a much better option, but oh well :). The nurses were incredible and I didn't even get scared until they wheeled me in the OR. I was so cold and nervous that my body was trembling so bad... and of course the tears were flowing. Before I knew it I was waking up in recovering to my brother hoovering over with my his hands in my mouth. I was thinking, what are you doing?? He was checking to see if my teeth were chipped from when they intabated me, because apparently its common, and he was NOT going to let them get away with chipping his sisters teeth! lol. brothers! My mom reminds me of this day all the time because apparently when they wheeled me out, I was quite a sight to behold. As soon as I was able to keep my eyes open, and tinkle on my own, they got me dressed and parked me in a wheelchair to wait for my mom to come get me. I couldn't have any thing in my hair for surgery, so you can imagine what my hair looked like. The Lord has given me very big, fluffy, full hair... and I need to have some kind of something to hold it back or its pretty "liony" She said when they wheeled me out, she was planning on taking my picture, but when she saw me she said, oh my... she will kill me if i take a picture of her. I wasn't looking my cutest, to say the least. The next few days were challenging, but I had the best nurse in the world, my mama!! I went back to work a week later... and the rest is history. Its been a fun ride... Ive cried alot of tears... happy ones... frustrated ones... but its been so worth it!! Here in the LA area the "1-800-GET-THIN billboards are everywhere. So many people say, when I see those billboards I always think of you, or the guys at work here the commercials, and they say, Hey, you should advertise for them!!! Well for my one year lap band anniversary, my friend Marie created a lil photo. It looks pretty real, and EVERYONE has been asking me where this billboard is located LOL. I would gladly be their model for the right price, wink wink. I also found some of my largest size of skirts and I thought I would try them on. WOW, what a reality check!!! I know I have lost alot of weight, but I consumed with reaching certain goals, like 100 pounds lost, and being under 200. But when I put that skirt on I was like, shoot... who cares if I have only lost 97. I think it was funny that I actually unbuttoned and unzipped it to put it on. Like I really needed to do that lol. My mom got in the skirt with me, and we both fit. I have lost a whole person! I have attached these pics for your viewing pleasure. Just because the first year is done doesn't mean its over... its just beginning :) I'm healthier than ever, and by next year, I will be posting a blog to let you all know that I am at my goal... by faith ;)

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Meagan Rowell said...

Jenn!!! You look soooooo good!!!! Wow!!! That was your skirt!?!?!? Lol wow!!! YOU ARE DOING AWESOME JENN!!!! Love you!!!

P.S. LOVE your outfits you wear to church :D

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