Monday, January 25, 2010

Long Overdue Update

Well friends... this is the longest I have gone without updating my blog. Life has been busy, and as I have said over and over, FB has taken the place of my blog. I know that not everyone has FB, and I enjoy looking back at older blogs too... so I am taking a lil time today to give an update :) We made it through the holidays, and I even managed to lose a pound or two, which is the first in this girls life during the holiday season! My weight loss has slowed waaaay down for some reason... but its still coming off slowly but surely. January 22nd was my 9 month "bandiversary" and I have lost 84 pounds. Because of how fast I had been losing, I was hoping to be at 100 pounds before Valentines day, but its not looking too good for that. But that's ok, as long as its coming off, I can't complain! I mean, I do complain lol, but I really shouldn't! I had a doctor's appointment a few weeks ago, and I went there kind of discouraged because I had been stuck for several weeks without losing. Dr. Krahn was very impressed with my weight loss, and told me that I did not need an adjustment because I had lost 11 pounds in 10 weeks, and that is just fine. He really encouraged me, and I left feeling much better. In December I finally broke down and got a trainer at the gym, and it has been great. From Dec 10th to Jan 10th I lost 8 1/2 inches, and 7 pounds. I sure can't complain about that either! He kicks my buns 2 days a week, and I am feeling so much better about myself! I don't really have any progress pics. I need to take some, but I will post our families Christmas pics for your viewing pleasure. I will really do my best to update more often because I know all my fans have been dying LOL. Until then, Happy weight loss !

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